At a Glance widget drops Google Assistant branding

- An intriguing change has occurred: the At a Glance homescreen widget, which is included on all Android smartphones, is no longer marketed as a Google Assistant extension.

- The widget, formerly known as "Assistant At a Glance," had a revamp in October. 

- Google Assistant was praised in the description for "[showing] you what you need, right when you need it." 

- Following the release of the most recent Google app beta (15.11), "Assist

- "At a Glance" assumed direct responsibility for the functionality. ant" was demoted

-  A similar change was made to the settings page that provides toggles for the on/off features.

- Google stated that At a Glance is a feature that is "powered directly by Google Assistant" when the Gemini app was first released. 

- The update that occurred today is a strong indication that "Google Assistant" may be discontinued.

-  We have already seen that Gemini is working on headphones. 

- In the meantime, the there-dot overflow button on the widget is invisible due to a glitch in today's version.

- The menu may still be accessed by tapping the area to the left of the weather.

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