At long last, the cult classic action-RPG Kingdom Come Deliverance is releasing on Switch next month

- Nintendo and Warhorse Studios have revealed that the 2018 action-RPG Kingdom Come

- Deliverance will come on Switch on March 24, 2024.

- I'm a little concerned about how well the game will function on the nearly seven-year-old portable hardware.

- In 2018, I played Kingdom Come: Deliverance, an incredibly intricate and expansive

- open-world game that made my mid-range PC scream with exhaustion.

-  What's making me hesitant about the impending Switch release is the low frame rate and a ton of issues that still plague console and PC players.

- Still, I could be shocked! While The Witcher 3, Dragon Quest 11, and Skyrim come to mind as noteworthy

- Although it's difficult to tell from the very brief gameplay clips presented during Wednesday's Nintendo Partner Direct,

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