Babies born on Seuss's birthday (Mar. 2) 'cat'-apult into reading adventure w/ a free book

- As part of its 120th anniversary celebration, Dr. Seuss Enterprises is giving a book to every baby born on March 2nd.

- In an effort to inspire kids to read, the corporation is commemorating author Theodor Geisel with the "Read Today for Their Tomorrow" promise.

- One of Dr. Seuss's main goals has always been to make sure that all kids have easy access to books and literacy programs,

- according to a statement made by CEO and President of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Susan Brandt.

-We have the chance to uphold this legendary tradition and raise awareness of this worthy cause by making this pledge. 

- We are eager to send these personalized books to these unique babies and inspire a passion of reading in them from an early age.

-  We will inspire more young readers to reach great heights if we can get more books into their hands.

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