Baldur's Gate 3 Hotfix 21 Updates

Hotfix 21 is now available on PC, Mac, and PlayStation, but Xbox players must wait.

The update aims to fix bugs, crashes, and blockers, and restores the ability to send items to specific camp companions outside of camp.

Developer Larian has addressed a crash bug exclusive to Xbox, causing players to wait for Hotfix 20 and 21.

Cross-saves are currently not loadable on Xbox if they come from platforms that have already been updated to Hotfixes 20 or 21.

Larian issued a warning about mods, advising players to check if the issue persists with all mods uninstalled.

The update also addressed UI issues, including the 'Sell Wares' and 'Offer Wares' buttons .

The game also restored the ability to send items to camp companions while outside of the camp.

The update also fixed a bug letting you place equipment into incompatible equipment slots.

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