Beloved card game Balatro hits massive milestone after delisting drama

- Balatro has had a difficult time lately, as seen by brief delistings from game marketplaces after a dispute over the game's gambling feature. 

- However, publisher Playstack swiftly recovered because of the game's distinctive mechanics and loyal player community. 

- Since its debut on February 20, it has sold 500,000 units on consoles and PC as of March 6, 2024.

- Playstack praised the accomplishment on X, the former name of Twitter, writing,

- "Wow! In just ten days, Balatro has sold 500,000 copies on all platforms! "Thank you for your amazing support — we're beyond grateful!" the post reads.

- The card game's rapid ascent was endangered by the recent delisting scandal, which most fans felt was unfair and misrepresented the game.

-  In the end, a dedicated player base and the absence of real gambling from the game's mechanics contributed to Balatro's strength.

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