Deals: Xiaomi 14 Ultra arrives with a discount, Galaxy S24 series gets 10% off

- Xiaomi even recruited professionals to film a film on the outstanding camera phone, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. 

- It has a 32MP selfie camera with a wide 22mm lens in addition to a 50MP 1"-type primary sensor, a 50MP 75mm telephoto, and a 50MP ultra wide (with AF). 

- Although shipment begins on Monday, it is still officially on pre-order.

-  Upon applying a £1199 voucher to the £1,300 MSRP, you should receive an additional £50 discount at the point of sale.

- The Xiaomi 14 is already on sale; at checkout, Amazon is offering an additional £50 in addition to a £50 voucher. 

- With a 6.36" 1200p LTPO display (120Hz, 12-bit colors), it is not small, but it is smaller.

-  The 4,610mAh battery can be charged wirelessly for 50W or at 90W over a cable. 

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