Diminutive Deep Sea Drone Dives for Wrecks and Reef

- The prevailing belief is that we know less about the deep ocean than we do about the lunar surface, making the global ocean challenging to investigate.

-  With a tiny autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that it thinks

- will become the marine equivalent of a consumer drone, Australian startup Advanced Navigation seeks to change that.

-  Additionally, Australia's coral reefs are being mapped, monitored, and searched for shipwrecks with the new AUV.

- Nevertheless, it has a 4k resolution camera with a 60 frames per second frame rate that can record

- For almost ten years, the Sydney-based company has been creating underwater navigation technology. 

-  Hydrus, Advanced Navigation's first internal AUV, was introduced in 2022.

- The vehicle is far smaller than most alternatives, measuring less than half a meter in length.

- high definition video and create intricate 3D photogrammetry models. It is completely autonomous.

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