Google Wallet requiring device unlocks for every tap to pay transaction

- Regardless of the transaction amount, some Google Wallet users have discovered in recent days that they are always required to unlock their Android phone in order to tap to pay.

- For "smaller payments," you may not need to unlock your device in certain nations. 

- For instance, the threshold in Belgium is €25, in France it is €30, and in Germany it is €50.

- "You can only make a limited number of locked transactions before your phone asks you to unlock it," but this varies by country and issuer.

- "Unlock is required for all transactions except for transit" in the US and other countries, although Android isn't as strict as iOS, in my experience.

- While current unlocks are compatible with Google Wallet, every payment session on the iPhone requires authentication.

-  To make a payment, certain users can already require verification.

- To make a payment, follow the on-screen instructions to confirm that it is you if prompted.

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