Lenovo Tab P12 – review of a 12.7-inch tablet

-Lenovo Tab P12's 12.7-inch display features an LTPS matrix with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a resolution of 2944 x 1840 dots.

- Although it's not the newest version, it works well and removes fingerprints with ease.

-The Lenovo Tab P12's design is lacking in that regard—that is, it doesn't really stand out.

- It's a rather decent kit overall for this price range.

- The tablet comes with a somewhat large box by today's standards.

-  This tablet, the Lenovo Tab P12, measures 12.7 inches. In this review, let's examine its skills in more detail.

-  One such oddity, priced at fifteen thousand hryvnias, is a mid-range model that Lenovo recently added to its lineup.

- With 12-inch screens, Android tablets are becoming more and more common and are slowly emerging from obscurity. 

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