Microsoft wants to unify DLSS, FSR and XeSS

- DirectSR, a new Windows API that Microsoft recently unveiled, would let programmers

- to create popular AI super-resolution AI upscaling technologies like DLSS, FSR, and XeSS with just one line of code. DirectSR, 

- according to the tech giant, is the "missing link" between games and several super-resolution solutions.

-  It was developed in collaboration with AMD, Intel, and Nvidia.

- Thus, players will have more options to select from. 

- For instance, based on their graphic vendor, players of PC games with multiple

- multiple upscaling algorithms enabled can select between DLSS, FSR, or XeSS.

- Additionally, it will significantly improve gaming performance for players without sacrificing image quality—especially for those without the best graphics cards.

- But now, it appears that the tech giant wants to use already-existing upscaling processes rather than developing a new super-resolution technology.

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