Old School RuneScape players revolt after new big money owners say bots are fine

- The creator of Old School RuneScape, Jagex, is attempting to allay player resentment following an extremely harsh response to remarks on the spread of bot accounts

- that appeared to have come from CVC Capital Partners, the company's new owner. 

- For £900 million, CVC acquired Jagex earlier this month. The Financial Times was naturally drawn to the announcement of such a large purchase.

- Players interpreted that as a sign that, in terms of CVC, bots would be allowed to continue as long as their owners were making payments.

- Bots are a recurring issue in OSRS, as they are in almost any MMO.

- The news that the new owner of Jagex was basically throwing thrown the towel caused a stir in the community.

-  The thread had over 1,000 comments and nearly 3,000 upvotes.

- All of them are, well, essentially the same.

- In 2024, OSRS has banned 6.9 million accounts so far, with an average of 67,000 accounts blocked every week.

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