Panasonic Interview: Their Latest Updates and a Quick Glimpse of What the Future Hold

- CineD had the pleasure of interviewing Toshiyuki Tsumura-san, Executive Vice

- President of Panasonic and Director of the Imaging Business Unit, while we were at CP+ 2024.

- He shared with us some information about brand movements related to lenses, cameras, 

- the impending merger of the consumer and professional divisions.

- When we inquired about the new LUMIX S Panasonic 28-200mm F4/7.1 MACRO O.I.S Superzoom during the interview,

-Tsumura-san informed us that the company aimed to provide creators with the opportunity

- to utilize a broad range of focal lengths inside the dimensions of a conventional prime lens.

-  The 28-200mm is the smallest and lightest high-magnification full-frame zoom lens. 

- It uses aspherical lens technology to miniaturize the optical system.

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