So far, the Skull and Bones beta has just made me want to play Sea of Thieves again

-  It's artificial and corny. You have to create your own fun sometimes.

-  Although it feels fake, a crew stamina metre does add some friction because, well, the crew gets too exhausted to move the ship quickly.

- With NPC merchants and fishing ships, it's simple to get into cannon range, and landing shots don't require a lot of ballistics understanding.

- Though it's more like operating a speedboat than a ship from the 17th century, the fighting is nonetheless straightforwardly entertaining.

- In a pirate game, is logging really one of the first things you should do? 

- Since other players had previously harvested every acacia grove in the area and I assume they need some time to respawn, that chore took me a while.

- Ubisoft's final best shot to persuade us that the long-delayed pirate game is worth $60 is this week's open beta.

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