Sony Signs Patent for ‘Super-Fungible Tokens’ to Gear Up Gaming

- The PlayStation maker, Sony, has released a patent application that presents the idea of "Super-Fungible Tokens" for video games. 

- With the help of these distributed ledger-based Play-to-Earn tokens, gamers will soon be able to possess exclusive in-game items and trade them with one another.

- When playing a typical game, gamers frequently spend money on in-game stuff that they can't get back when they get bored.

- With blockchain gaming, though, this dynamic is altered.

-As it describes a method for producing Super-Fungible Tokens by storing gaming

- asset metadata on a distributed ledger connected to the gaming application, Sony's patent points to a possible foray into this market.

-Although Sony has not indicated in the patent whether its blockchain will be private or public, it is clear that the business is interested in investigating NFTs in its games.

-Whichever blockchain is selected, Sony's possible NFT adoption might greatly progress blockchain technology in the game industry.

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