The Apple Sports app includes betting odd

- With the new Apple Sports app, you can easily get scores and statistics for all of your favorite teams and sports.

- However, it also shows you something you might not want to see very clearly: the betting odds for every game.

- Even while sports betting is allowed in 37 states, not everyone finds it acceptable to have betting odds displayed so prominently on an app that they only use to monitor scores.

- While some users of sports apps may not want odds to be prominently displayed, others who are prone to compulsive behavior may have moral problems about gambling.

- For my part, I would rather not have to see gambling on almost every screen of Apple's Sports app because I don't appreciate how it has gotten into every facet of sports coverage.

- For some reason, you can get rid of betting information from the Sports app, though not directly from the app. 

- Instead, you need to open your iPhone's Settings app.

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