The Reveal Of Helldivers 2's Game Master Joel Turned Me Into A Nihilist Again

- Ever since it was discovered that Helldivers 2's Galactic War is being controlled by a single developer at Arrowhead, I have been quite disturbed.

- Joel, a Game Master for Arrowhead and employee, responds in real time to events occurring throughout the galaxy, even at night, it seems.

- If Joel senses that you are getting too easy, he will enhance your adversaries to make your objective harder.

- For fun, Joel will provide you additional stratagems at no cost. Joel is quite powerful. Joel is, I now realize, a god of sorts.

- I am not alone in thinking this; Joel is being referred to be a "god of war" in the Helldivers subreddit.

- He is being inserted as a legendary character into the game's mythology.

-  In winning, they give him credit; in losing, they hold him accountable.

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