This Character Trait Will Greatly Impact Your Dragon’s Dogma 2 Experience

- Nowadays, few developers integrate character size into the game mechanics. 

- Contrary to popular belief, Capcom chose to incorporate the character size into the game mechanics, like to the first Dragon's Dogma game.

- While everyone else is complaining about performance difficulties, YouTuber Broomstick Gaming has conducted a detailed investigation

-  with their pre-release copy of the game to uncover a relationship between character size and in-game mechanics.

- Based on the character size, the video demonstrates a distinct change in travel speed, weight limit, and stamina regeneration. 

- This is a quick synopsis of the information seen in the video.

- For all of Dragon's Dogma 2's Short Kings, Queens, and little gremlins, there is good news.

-Characters that are shorter than taller have a significant battle advantage due to their higher rate of stamina regeneration. 

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