Xbox Game Pass Adds New Sports Game Today

- Later today, March 11, Xbox Game Pass will add NBA 2K24 to its inventory of content.

- In contrast to the great majority of games that are added to the program, PC users of Xbox Game Pass will not be able to access the most recent NBA 2K game.

- Since the beginning of the year, Microsoft has added a total of 29 titles to its subscription library. 

- Among those highly anticipated Xbox Game Pass additions were titles like as Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, which debuted in early March.

-  As seen by the fact that NBA 2K24 is presently among the lowest-rated Steam games ever, user feedback hasn't been great.

- A prevalent grievance expressed by both enthusiasts and detractors alike pertains to the unparalleled quantity of microtransactions that have permeated almost every facet of the game.

- NBA 2K24 will be a bit of a departure from that trend, in part because of its mixed reviews from critics; at 68 on Metacritic across all platforms, it's one of the 25-year-old series' lowest-rated entries.

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