AMD Posts Updated Linux Patches For P-State Core Performance Boost

- While the Preferred Core support for the AMD P-State driver was merged for Linux 6.9, 

- Core Performance Boost, another noteworthy improvement to this driver, is currently going through the patch review process.

- While AMD's new effort enables run-time/dynamic toggling of Core Performance Boost support, 

- AMD's previous work with the Linux kernel ensures that Core Performance Boost gets enabled statically.

- The P-State driver support fixes were released by AMD engineers in January, and as of right now, 

- they are on their sixth iteration, pending patch review in preparation for eventual mainlining in the Linux kernel.

- These patches enable the new /sys/devices/system/cpu/amd_pstate/cpb_boost interface to be used to toggle

-  the Core Performance Boost state on AMD systems that are capable of it. Having a disabled number of 0 or 1.

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