Blink’s Tiny, Inexpensive Camera Can Now Go Outdoors

- Security cameras are a matter of personal choice; it makes sense that many individuals find the thought of maybe being monitored in their homes unsettling. 

- However, these devices do have some valuable capabilities, like the ability to monitor your home while you're away, check in on your pets, or detect if someone is lurking in your garden after dark.

- All of these situations may be handled by the new Blink Mini 2 ($39.99), a reliable and reasonably priced wired security camera that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

- Although there are a few wired cameras with additional functionality at this price range, Blink's most recent model, which was just released this week, checks a lot of boxes.

- It's particularly beneficial if you already own one of Blink's reasonably priced battery-operated cameras or if you have an Amazon Alexa smart home.

- Blink gained recognition for producing low-cost cameras that run on two AA batteries for up to two years. 

-  The Blink Mini (1 and 2), Blink Wired Floodlight Camera, and Blink Video Doorbell (available in wired or battery-operated versions) are the company's current three mains-powered models.

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