‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’ game review

-We really hope Square Enix can bring Final Fantasy VII back to life since there are simply too many fantastic games from the past that need to be made available again. 

-  When a cherished party member died halfway through a game in 1997, it broke people's hearts all over the world and left Final Fantasy VII forever etched in our memories as a really magnificent experience. 

-  This tale never fails to excite fans with its cast of characters and one of the most recognizable villains in gaming history—my personal favorite, Sephiroth. 

- Rebirth takes us even farther into unknown terrain after the game's first act was expanded in Remake, providing fans of the original game and fans of Remake with a new story path.

- The wicked megacorporation Shinra is responsible for draining life force from the planet where Final Fantasy VII is set.

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