First antenna is installed on Square Kilometre Array Low telescope

- The Indigenous community in outback Western Australia claims that the $3 billion project 

- has given them optimism for additional chances in the arid region as development on the largest radio telescope in the world picks up speed.

- Installed in Wajarri Yamaji land in the Murchison region, the first of 131,072 antennas are part of the Square Kilometre Array telescope, also known as SKA-Low.

- It is one of two telescopes being constructed as part of what is being called the greatest science project 

- in history by the global radio astronomy organization Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO), along with SKA-Mid in South Africa.

- The project's proponents claimed that it would provide scientists an unmatched perspective of the cosmos

- enable them to investigate the first billion years following the era known as the "dark ages of the universe," during which the first stars and galaxies emerged.

- Phil Diamond, the director general of SKA Observatory, stated that the multibillion dollar project was getting closer to completion with the installation of the first antennas.

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