Manic Mechanics Escapes Onto Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam

- Manic Mechanics, a car-themed Overcooked game, was released by 4J Studios, the same company that created Minecraft, last year.

-  Although the game was a Switch exclusive, it could have looked and performed a bit better.

- Fortunately, Manic Mechanics has now made an appearance on all the other major platforms, so that is no longer an issue.

-  It offers a ton of fun party type co-op and supports four players both locally and online.

- The setting of Manic Mechanics is an island with a concentration on auto maintenance.

-  In order to find trinkets and interactive elements, players will navigate across the island's five unlocked sections in go karts. 

-  Along the way, they will stop to play a variety of progressively challenging and imaginative levels

- Every level has a conveyor line that continuously delivers crippled cars and an unlimited supply of parts.

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