watchOS 10.4 update fixes Apple Watch ‘false touch’ issue

- For compatible Apple watches, Apple has released watchOS 10.4, which improves Apple Pay with Assistive Touch and adds additional emojis.

- You can also tap to view full alerts.

- The "false touch" or "ghost touch" problem on the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 (review) has also been resolved by the update.

- The most recent watchOS 10.4 update from Apple officially addresses the ghost touch problem, 

- which was initially observed in February and caused the watch to misregister certain inputs including taps and swipes.

- For Apple Watch Series 4 (review) and later models, the watchOS 10.4 update is ready.

- This update further simplifies payments with Apple Pay by eliminating the need for customers to double touch the side button.

- Still, a pin code must be used to authenticate the payment for additional security.

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