Fortnite community unhappy with V-Bucks gatekeeping on Battle Pass, demands change

- The most recent adjustments to the Battle Pass V-Bucks payouts have angered many of the Fortnite community. 

- Despite the fact that this makeover was a part of the December seasonal update for Fortnite,

- its effects are more noticeable now that the season is almost over and many players are doubtful they will be able to complete the requisite level in time.

- The replacement of daily tasks with match challenges was one of the major updates included in Fortnite's Chapter 5 Season 1 release.

-  Players now have to choose a challenge before to the commencement of each match, as opposed to receiving a few challenges each day. 

- Rather of being able to finish several challenges at once, this modification effectively required players to commit a match to each task.

- Worse, this happened at the same time as the prizes for Battle Pass V-Bucks changed.

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