How to craft Bait Buckets in LEGO Fortnite

- You’ll need a Bait Bucket if you’re tired of fishing without success. Here's how to make LEGO Fortnite's Bait Buckets. 

- Players may now finally create a fishing rod to catch a variety of fish to cook thanks to the Gone Fishin' update that is currently live in Fortnite.

- The true difficulty for players here is actually catching the fish, even though frying fish is a fairly simple task.

-A bait bucket is necessary, though, if you're hoping to catch some rarer fish because it improves your odds of doing so.

- It would therefore not harm to learn how to make Bait Buckets in LEGO Fortnite if you've had your eye on that Vendetta Flopper for a long.

- In LEGO Fortnite, you must catch a fish and use the Food Processor to turn it into a Fish Fillet in order to obtain your first Common Bait Bucket.

- This implies that before you may fish, you must first make a fishing rod.

- You can use the Juicer to build higher-tier bait buckets once you have the Common Bait Bucket.

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