Huawei Band 9 leak showcases familiar design and specs

- The Band 9, codenamed "Kimi," and model number KIM-B19 seem to be nearly exact replicas of one other. 

- Since the Huawei Band 8 didn't actually change much from its predecessor, either, this has come to be expected.

- The 1.47-inch AMOLED touchscreen with 368x194 pixel resolution and 180 mAh internal battery are still features of the Huawei Band 9. 

-  You still have access to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and five ATMs that are water resistant.

-  The insider claims that the Band 9's €59 price will not alter either.

- The report claims that the device itself will be available in the following five colors: pink, white, blue, yellow, and black.

-There will also be new straps available, such as the textile strap that is included with the blue Band 9.

- In the teaser for the Band 9, Huawei did mention "a new era in wrist fashion and sleep feature enhancements," so maybe some new functions are in store as well.

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