Huawei’s Taishan V120 server CPU emerges in benchmark, shows performance similar to AMD Epyc

- The processor's precise name is currently unknown, although it was observed on the Geekbench platform.

- However, its performance suggests that Huawei is keeping up with industry leaders in CPU manufacturing, such as AMD and Intel.

- The processor in question, which Huawei's HiSilicon division is thought to have built,

- was operating on the Geekbench platform with a single core, which is thought to be the Taishan V120. 

- Recall that the V120 core made its debut in the Kirin 9000s smartphone chip from Huawei, which was utilized in the Mate 60 series.

- In terms of raw performance, the Taishan V120 came in slightly behind AMD's Epyc 7413

- Intel's Xeon E-2136 with a decent score of 1,527 in the single-core benchmark.

-  It is, however, noticeably outperformed by more current chips from AMD (Epyc 9554) and Intel (Xeon w9-3495X).

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