Konami releases David Hayter

- fronted video series about Metal Gear's incredible legacy, doesn't mention Metal Gear creator, director, and writer Hideo Kojima once

- The first video in Konami's upcoming Metal Gear Solid Legacy Series, which serves as a companion to Metal Gear Solid:

- The Master Collection and provides a brief overview of the games' rich mythology, has been released. 

- The six-minute opening video features David Hayter, who voices Solid Snake and Big Boss in Metal Gear Solids 1-4. Not a single word about Hideo Kojima is mentioned in the script.

- This is ridiculous, even for Konami, but we'll get into that shortly. 

- When Hideo Kojima took over an already-running Konami project for the MSX2 in 1987, he realized that the machine's limitations limited

- what could be presented on the screen and came up with the concept for a game in which the player's main objective was to avoid conflict.

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