Motorola Suddenly Extends Surprise Razr 2023 And Edge Plus Sale

- Motorola has extended the sale for a further week after abruptly reducing prices across its entire smartphone collection, which included the Razr 2023 and Edge Plus.

- It appears that the business will be launching a new campaign called "The Luck of the Irish Sale" on March 17th in honor of St. Patrick's Day. 

- The Razr Plus 2023 is now $300 less expensive in all colors, which is comparable to the savings from last week's deal.

-  Also available for $300 is the Razr 2023 entry-level model.

- The entire price of the previous year's Edge Plus has been reduced by $200, while the Moto G 5G receives a $80 discount and the Motorola Edge is $150 less expensive. 

- All of Motorola's phones appear to be on sale in one form or another, including the Thinkphone ($300 off), Moto G Stylus ($70 off), and Moto G Power ($100 off).

- The offer began on March 11 and will run until this Sunday, March 17, St Patrick's Day.

- This is your second chance to get a deal that you might have missed the first time around, as the previous sale included almost identical reductions.

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