Shaetlan version of Wordle to be taken down after legal threat

- Josh Wardle, a software developer, created the original Wordle.

-  After it became popular all over the world and millions of people logged on to play it every day,

- he sold the game to the New York Times for an unknown seven-figure price.

- However, it seems that the New York Times is now against Wordle-inspired games made with open-source software.

- It is not limited to the Shetland version, though, since numerous more offshoots aimed at fostering regional languages have been established globally.

- Professor Dr. Viveka Velupillai, a linguistics specialist and I Hear Dee participant, called it "utterly ridiculous."

- "Nobody profits from anything, our code is not the same, and the languages are all different," the woman remarked.

- "Wordle served as the inspiration for all of these small, community-run, non-profit initiatives."

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