Dragon Dogma 2 Review: Why Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the Perfect Sequel?

Dragon Dogma 2 Review

Dragon Dogma 2 Review: Dragon’s Dogma 2, like the real Sam Raimi’s creative mind from Evil Dead 2, brings the best of the previous with a new improved vision. With a much bigger budget, it still follows the existing structure keeping the spirit of the previous one while augmenting it at the same time. This article is devoted to the basically unexplored realm of Dragon’s Dogma Part 2 and introduces its advantages and predictable minor difficulties.

Dragon Dogma 2 Gameplay

From the start to the end of Dragon’s Dogma 2 players are surrounded by a difficult environment. As the game continues to develop its signature high-stakes action and remind us of the original, it also brings its own twists. Such guides are not only an endless supply of battles, and death on a backdrop of pixelated animations but as well as peculiarly thrilling throughout our roller-coaster of ups and downs. The game has this jank sort of thing going on, but it manages to keep everything in check as this (jank) helps to enhance it all.

Dragon Dogma 2 Exploration

The mysterious vortex opening in Dragon’s Dogma 2 provides a whole magical world that we are ready to discover. Narrowed by the winding way filled with places and riddles, it entices players to go the offbeat way. The lack of success criterion and map markers helps in this endeavor so that every new piece seems precious. Although those long abandoned passages and on-feet exploration may seem more complex at first compared to the typical maps, they finally enable the player to comprehend and have an intimate feeling towards every detail of the game.

Dragon Dogma 2 Review

Dragon Dogma 2 Storytelling

Admittedly, the story only touches on some familiar themes, however, the sequel has many surprises in it and the game never gets boring. The plurality of events is predestined to keep you engaged until the very end, always surprising. Furthermore, this game brings the players close to the game characters from the many custom roles. Furthermore, all of these interactions are not simply playing the game.

The Role of Pawns

A peculiar thing about Dragon’s Dogma 2 is that the pawns are included which are NPC companions that help the players on their journey. Their AI is capable of being inconsistent sometimes but they contribute a lot to the combat and navigation. The asynchronous multiplayer, which has pawns learning from another player’s experience, creates a new glove to the game.

Dragon Dogma 2 Review

Dynamic Combat Experience

The combat of Dragon’s Dogma is where it thrives. People can slay monsters with a broad selection of job classes and lively customized graphics. This influence is illustrated by the fact that these games have strategic targeting and limb-specific damage-adding depth battles. Nevertheless, the ascent can feel awkward on some level which can spoil the atmosphere.


Undoubtedly, Dragon’s Dogma 2 has some drawbacks, but it still manages to be an amazing action role-playing game. In addition, it’s an immersive world, with fascinating storytelling, and interesting combat to the original. Occasionally a technical problem may spoil the game but those who like challenges will surely enjoy the epic ride. For the fans of this genre, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a game of choice. Such a title breaks the paradigms of traditional RPGs.

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