How to cast iPhone to Chromebook: Follow These 7 Easy Steps

How to cast iPhone to Chromebook
How to cast iPhone to Chromebook?

It’s very easy to connect an iPhone to a Chromebook, a PC,  or even your laptop. The main thing is that by using the 7 methods below, you can literally cast your iPhone to any screen without the use of software, and it will take seconds to do so. So, in this informative article, I’ll share how to cast iPhone to Chromebook. So let’s begin!

How to cast iPhone to Chromebook?

  1. Download the app 

The next step is to download the screen mirroring app on your iPhone from the app store. Don’t worry! It’s a free app. 

  1. Go to Settings

After downloading, go to settings or scroll down the above screen to see if the phone is connected to a wifi connection. If you don’t have wifi, then you can use your mobile data as well, but it may cause credits, so be careful while using mobile data.

  1. Open the app

After all these technical things are done, open the app. After opening,  you’ll see a popup saying “Buy the app,” but don’t worry! When you see it above, on the right side, there is a window closing tab. Click on it and close the pop-up. After this, you’ll see a huge, big icon written “Mirroring.” Click on it. Again, click on the red button, and you’ll see all the nearby devices, like your Chromebook, TV, laptop, PC, or any screen.

  1. Make sure devices are connected to the same wifi

If your Chromebook is not showing, then make sure that both the device’s iPhone and your Chromebook are connected to the same wifi. If you do not have wifi, then you can also connect to your phone’s hotspot.

  1. Select the device

Again, go to the app, and now you’ll see your device name pop up. Tap on your device and click on broadcast.
Now, after doing this, the app will show a unique IP address like

  1. Input the IP address

After doing this all-easy stuff, input the given IP address on your Chromebook or any other device that supports browsers.

  1. Open the Chrome browser

Now, open the Chrome browser on the Chromebook and enter the given IP address. After you enter the IP, you’re set to go. Do anything with your iPhone, and the screen will be visible on your Chromebook as well.

So, these were the steps to how to cast iPhone to Chromebook. Moreover, when you screen Mirror, the connection will be smooth, with no glitches or lags after Mirroring on the display.

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