MSI MAG 321UPX Review: Best Affordable Monitor in the Market?

MSI MAG 321UPX Review
MSI MAG 321UPX Review

MSI MAG 321UPX Review: If you’re looking for an affordable gaming monitor then you can check out the MSI MAG 321UPX. It comes with several features like a high refresh rate, a good display and many more. So, if you’re looking for a monitor then this article will help you, in this article, I’ll share the MSI MAG 321UPX Review with its specs and features.

Here is the MSI MAG 321UPX Review, Specs & Features

MAG 321UPX Specifications

MSI MAG 321UPX Review
MSI MAG 321UPX Review

The MSI MAG 321 UPX offers 32-inch 4K 240Hz 16:9ms QD-OLED panels that can perform even at a very fast speed of 0.033 milliseconds. Together with FreeSync, G-Sync Compatible and DisplayHDR True Black 400. The look is nice, but the cabling structure is all messed up. However, it offers the industry standard VESA mounting interface that makes the installation process very simple and convenient. But in terms of compatibility, the monitor presents an array of ports, providing a high level of versatility.

Affordable Price Tag and Warranty

Yet the defining characteristic of this monitor is the price sticker. The next point simply is that the lowest price of $899 for the product is really a brilliant offer as it is cheaper than most of the products with similar features in the market so many more budget-conscious PC gamers can afford to buy it. In addition, one of its cool features is that it is covered by a three-year warranty that will increase the users’ peace of mind. Though the innovative nature of the proposal plays a critical role, at the end of the day, its performance decides its value.

The Color Accuracy and HDR Performance

MSI MAG 321UPX Review
MSI MAG 321UPX Review

A really great product is this MSI MAG 321 UPX, with the most impressive aspect being the color accuracy which is amazing. It benefits from Quantum Dot technology, which not only produces more true color but also brings out the natural and lifelike color in perfect harmony with HDR gaming. At least in the sRGB spectrum the color accuracy, especially out of the box, should catch your eyes. On the other hand, it shows the HDR performance very well by providing correct color work in the modes HDR 400 and Peak 1000.

Brightness and Gaming Experience

MSI MAG 321UPX Review
MSI MAG 321UPX Review

The colors on the monitor seem extra vibrant when you watch it in daytime HDR scenes but not that bright. However, it does not have global dimming but, on the other hand, its pixel level dimming spreads the effect very uniformly during nighttime HDR. The brand’s 240hz refresh rate assists the gammer in achieving unimaginable performance. Conversely, the sub-pixel decision has a lower single-tone resolution than other methods.

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