What Is OpenAI Sora ? Beta Release Date 2024

OpenAI Sora

OpenAI Sora : On February 15, 2024, OpenAI showed its new AI called Sora. Sora can make very realistic videos on its own with simple text prompts . The videos look better than other AI videos people have seen before.

OpenAI developers made some Sora videos and put them on sites . Fans gave them video ideas for what Sora should make videos about. We don’t know when OpenAI Sora is available for public .

OpenAI also not said if there is some using rules and regulation for videos that Sora can make. They also not shared anything about if Sora will be added to other AI Chatbot like ChatGPT . We have to wait and see what things Sora brings in future.

What is OpenAI Sora?

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Sora is a new AI that can make videos all by itself. Other AI video makers are Gen-2, Pika, and Stable Diffusion. Sora turns words, pictures, or videos into new fake videos. The word “sora” means “sky” in Japanese. This shows Sora can make lots of creative things!

One of Sora’s first videos showed people walking in the snow in Tokyo. The characters and movements looked very real! Other AI video makers are not as good as Sora. Sora can make longer videos, up to one minute. The people and motion stay the same. So Sora is smarter than other video AI. It makes fake videos seem like real home movies! I wonder what other cool videos Sora will create.

Wich AI Tech Behind OpenAI Sora?

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Sora uses technology that is like DALL-E 3, which also comes from OpenAI. DALL-E 3 makes fake pictures. Sora takes that and adds special features to make videos instead.

Sora is something called a “diffusion transformer.” That means it combines two types of AI:

  1. Diffusion, which is used by Stable Diffusion to draw images that look real.
  2. Transformers, which power ChatGPT to have conversations.

Here is how Sora makes a video:

First the AI forms it in something called “latent space.” That is like a secret workshop where Sora puts together shapes and blobs. Then it uses “denoising” to turn those into clear 3D chunks that look like a video scene. Finally a “decompressor” turns the 3D chunks into a normal video that we can watch.

So Sora does some work to transform text and images into high-quality AI videos. It will be exciting to see Sora keep improving and making longer and more realistic imaginary movies!

Is OpenAI Sora free to use?

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OpenAI Sora is new Video AI tool that can make videos from your text prompts .But right now, it’s not available for everyone. Only the developers and OpenAI team have access of sora this time so be patient . And just like other tool when Sora available in Beta version it can be free like other AI tools for some times so get ready for it.

Final Words

Like Success of ChatGPT this OpenAI Sora AI model will be get popularity or not comment down , Sora is Text to Video AI model that convert Text idea to Video output. The Output video quality is much better as they show in promo , lets hope it will be same in reality.

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