Android Phones : New AV1 Video AI Update Coming

Android Phones : New AV1 Video AI Update Coming

Android AV1 Video Update :- AI is spreading everywhere and this is new news coming from the source that this new upgrade can improve your video performance in Android with new AI tech. The upgrade is expected to come as a free update that will enable faster video processing, especially on low-cost smartphones.

Android to Get Better at Playing AV1 Videos

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Lots of sites like YouTube and Netflix have started using something called AV1 video files. These let them stream good quality video without needing as much data or bandwidth. Nice right?

But most phones today don’t have specialty hardware to play AV1 well. So the video can get choppy and laggy, especially on cheaper phones. Even expensive new phones can struggle streaming high resolution AV1 sometimes.

Software Update Will Boost AV1 Performance

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Well reports say Google is working on an Android update to fix this! In March 2024, they plan to upgrade the AV1 software decoder to a newer one called libdav1d.

Tests show libdav1d plays AV1 video way faster and smoother than the current decoder named libgav1. Like 5 times better! The new software works great even on low-end phones.

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For example, one 4K 60fps AV1 test video ran below 10 frames per second before. But with libdav1d, it played at 50fps! Huge difference. Another 1080p Netflix video went from laggy to nice and fluid.

Final Words

This update is free and not confirmed to coming all devices or which ones , as we know we will update this article. This update help is make smoother video playing with higher resolutions your phone not going to lag anymore so if you got any notification of update , turn on your internet and download it.

Older phones might not get the decoder update though, sadly. But the VLC app has it built-in already! So try playing videos there if your device doesn’t end up with libdav1d system-wide.

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