Just Got an Apple Watch? These 6 Apps You Must Install

Just Got an Apple Watch? These 6 Apps You Must Install

Apple Watch so so good! You just open box of new Apple Watch? Say congrats – you start fun new journey! Apple Watch may have little troubles lately but still fantastic smartwatch. Same if you have SE or Series 9 or Ultra 2 or old one.

Once you connect Apple Watch to iPhone – just turn on and hold near phone – then ready for setup. But where to start? Well, like iPhone the Apple Watch empty waiting for apps from App Store. Lots of iPhone apps also come over but more to find!

Many great apps for Apple Watch but here first 6 to get to see all the cool things it can do. Keep read!

1. Waterful – Track Drinks Easily

If you want get head start on drink enough water goals in 2024, Waterful great to start. Super simple to log drinks – just tap tap when you have water, coffee, soda. Way better than get phone out every sip!

Writes data to Apple Health and Siri. Can put Waterful complication on watch face too for quick check on daily amounts. Makes it easy to see if drinking enough, no hassle.

Also only $9.99 for life or $0.99 per month. Good price for help get health benefits!

2. Streaks – Make Good Habits Fun

What’s fun about Streaks is it makes a game for habits you want. On iPhone, really nice look shows last time you did things like walk dog, eat veggie, have smoke.

It’s a “habit forming to-do list”! Exercise one too but regular Streaks can track anything. Tons of ready habit ideas but can fully customize. So you can track special life stuff like email certain client or do taxes.

Also just $4.99 one-time fee. Great value and fun way build better habits!

3. Things 3 – Get Organized

So many to-do list apps like Omnifocus or Apple Reminders. Things 3 in middle – and I need it always! Very nice design on all devices, makes lists, sections, notes.

Fantastic on Apple Watch too. Can check off tasks or edit on the go, no need phone. Say you remember must change deadline – do it quick on Watch before forget. Can add notes by talking.

Buy iPhone app with Watch version together just $9.99. Also Mac and iPad versions separate if want.

4. Strava – Best for Fitness Tracking

If you bike or run lots, probably know Strava. But might still be surprised how great on Apple Watch! With AllTrails, most popular fitness apps.

Orange Strava tracks runs, rides, anything else like iPhone. Works great by itself if leave phone home. Gets heart rate and GPS to follow path.

Get home and uploads to feed for everyone’s kudos. Just $5.99 per month unlocks premium features but amazing even without.

5. Spotify – Jams Without Phone

Apple Music folks can skip, but Spotify awesome on watchOS. Plays from phone – choose playlists, albums, songs. But also can download to Watch!

So say next run, get Watch to grab some playlists or albums. Then leave phone, still have music!

The download menu can be annoying. But once loaded it’s so nice for workouts without phone.

6. Pocket Casts – Podcasts Anywhere

Like Spotify, Pocket Casts great podcast app feels perfect on Apple Watch. Love it because syncs all devices nicely.

Skips through shows with phone in pocket. Queue up next ones in Up Next. $40 yearly subscription lets you download to Watch without phone.

Price gone up but worth it so Watch always has podcats ready! Even far from phone.

Final Words on First Apple Watch Apps

That’s the top 6 apps I say install first when you start Apple Watch. Water and habits, organization, fitness, music, podcasts – they show all the cool stuff it can do. Plus just nice to have basics like email, messages, weather, alarms.

What other apps you like to set up on new Apple Watch? So many options in the App Store! Have fun filling up your new wearable. It only gets better over time!

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