These are 10 Upcoming CES 2024 Gaming Laptop

These are 10 Upcoming ces 2024 gaming Laptop
10 Upcoming CES 2024 Gaming Laptop

10 Upcoming CES 2024 Gaming Laptop: In CES 2024, many companies have launched their laptops that feature beast performance and some have good displays with battery, but there are very few that come out as a true all-rounder gaming laptop. So, in this article, I’ll tell you 10 Upcoming CES 2024 Gaming laptops that you can buy.

These are the 10 Upcoming CES 2024 Gaming Laptop

1. MSI’s Titan 18 HX

First among them is the Titanic Titan 18 HX, MSI’s 2024 flagship for gaming laptops. This monster has a beautiful 18″ 4K 120Hz Mini-LED panel, offering a stunningly immersive viewing experience. With the help of Intel’s newest Core i9-14900HX, MSI has redefined the standard by expanding the join CPU and GPU TDP to 270 watts, ensuring the best performance ever. The addition of a new 400 GaN compact watt charger, one step more advanced than its predecessor, harmonizes with the increased power.

The Titan 18 HX features a vapor chamber cooler and with two fans the design is more compact. Ports have bounced back on the backside, and the presence of an RGB haptic touchpad gives a smooth feeling.

2. MSI’s Raider 18 HX and Stealth 18

The Raider 18 HX from MSI, a model below the Titan, features a 14th Gen HX CPU, increasing memory support from two to four slots. This April release would also be interesting for an AMD version in which Ryzen.

The Stealth 18 is the only one weighing 2.9kg claimed to be the lightest 18-inch gaming laptop. While ASUS’s Scar 18 has a similar weight, MSI’s Stealth 18 is a cheaper option with a low-priced Cyborg 14 variant. This slightly thicker model is noticeable for its ethernet port and low price in the group of 14-inch gaming laptops. With all this, this upcoming Ces 2024 gaming Laptop series is one of the best gaming laptop series in 2024.

3. ASUS’s G14 and 16

Regarding ASUS, the company’s Zephyrus G14 and G16 versions go through a significant change in 2024. These laptops are slimmer and feature OLED screens, as they have a neater look, devoid of games. OLED reigns supreme, having a G-Sync for a superior visual performance.

The G14 with RTX 4070 graphics then introduces speaker quality and port positioning upgrades. In the G16, the improved design features also include better appearance and speaker performance. ASUS keeps a middle ground between the Intel 14th-gen HX processor for the high-end versions and the Intel 13th-gen for other configurations based on the cost-performance value.

4. HP’s Omen Transcend 14

HP joins the 14-inch gaming laptop lineup with the Omen Transcend 14, focused on portability that does not sacrifice performance. With an Intel Core Ultra 9 185H processor and RTX 4070 graphics, this lightweight gaming laptop features a 14-inch 120Hz OLED screen. The sleek design characterizes the device but different opinions may fall there on the translucent edges of the keys.

5. XMG’s Neo 16 and Neo 17

XMG makes a brave move with the revamped Neo 16 and Neo 17 case redesigns. The combination of the liquid cooler into the air cooler improves thermal performance, creating an outstanding 25% increase in Cinebench multicore results. Design changes, such as the lowered chin, shortened bottom, and improved keyboard layout, add up to an overall more enhanced user experience. With all these features NEO 16 and 17 are one the best ces 2024 gaming Laptop series that you can buy in 2024.

6. Gigabyte’s Aorus 16X and G6X

Gigabyte launches two different laptops, the Aorus 16X, and G6X, to target different markets. The Aorus 16X, representing an advanced model, brings innovation with its 16-inch monitor and transparent buttons. At the same time, the G6X has features such as a MUX switch, an HX processor, and Type-C charging capabilities that make this unit an attractive option for gaming enthusiasts.

7. Lenovo’s Legion Series

Lenovo presents slimmer designs for the Legion 5i and Legion 7i which is an optimized performance achieved by the new RTX 4070 graphics. The Legion 9 also gets an upgrade to Intel’s 14th-generation processor along with an AI FPS Boost feature in the software. The LOQ, revitalized with the inclusion of the year, is still one of the best entry-level tools with design innovations. This is a true ces 2024 gaming Laptop series by Lenovo.

8. Alienware’s M16 R2 and M18 R2

The M16 R2 by Alienware brings a redesign in the thermal solution to increase portability. The M18 R2 features a unique 360-watt GaN charger that is in line with the trend for increased power output. These laptops with the Meteor Lake processors from Intel and RTX 4070 graphics represent the company’s effort to create harmony between performance and mobility.

9. Acer’s Helios Series

In 2024, Acer expands its Helios lineup with a more affordable, 18-inch Neo 18 The Helios 16 and 18-inch variants support Intel 14th gen HX processors. The higher-end variants receive Wi-Fi 7 RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 graphics. Acer’s MagKey 3.0 further brings a touch of personalization to the higher-end Helios range.

10. Razer’s Blade Series

Razer introduces subtle updates to its Blade series, with the Blade 16 joining the OLED club and the Blade 18 featuring a 4K 16: 10 165Hz display. These laptops have some great features, such as the 14th generation processor from Intel, Wi-Fi 7 support, and Thunderbolt 5 integration. Razer keeps the balance between price and performance which allows the company to remain competitive in the market of gaming laptops.

So, these were the 10 Upcoming CES 2024 gaming laptop.

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