The New 2024 iPad Pros Are Going To Be Extremely Thin ?

The New 2024 iPad Pros Are Going To Be Extremely Thin ?

2024 iPad Pro : Apple will soon release new iPad Pro tablets that are much thinner than older models. These new iPads are called as 2024 iPad Pros. Some recent pictures have leaked that show how incredibly skinny the new Pros will be.

The upcoming iPad Pros are made thinner partly by using OLED screens they not use old LCD screens. OLED screens are much thinner and lighter screens. So they take up less space inside the iPads. This lets Apple make the whole tablet device thinner.

Latest Leaks Reveal of Ultra-Thin Tablet Design

Untitled design 8 4

This new design leaked by CAD users and images are shared by MacRumors. The next 11-inch iPad Pro will be Apple’s thinnest 11-inch iPad ever you seen this can be crazy look . It will slim down from almost 6mm thick to just 5.1mm. The new 13-inch iPad Pro will be even thinner at exactly 5mm thick. That is crazy thin for tablets this size .

These very skinny new iPad Pros will be smaller from the side than an iPhone. But they will still have nice big screens to do work, watch movies, play games and more.

New 11-Inch and 13-Inch Models See Big Drops in Thickness

Current iPad Pro ThicknessExpected New iPad Pro ThicknessDifference
5.9 mm5.1 mm0.8 mm
6.4 mm5.0 mm1.4 mm
Untitled design 9 3

11-Inch 2024 iPad Pro

The current 11-inch iPad Pro has a depth of 5.9mm. But leaked specs indicate the 2024 version will be just 5.1mm thick – shedding nearly a whole millimeter.

13-Inch 2024 iPad Pro

The upcoming 13-inch iPad Pro takes the place of the previous 12.9-inch size. Industry insiders expect its depth to be shaved down from 6.4mm currently to an astonishing 5.0mm – well under half a centimeter.

The new CAD renders illustrate these smaller measurements in vivid detail. They showcase devices with perfectly flat sides and trim profiles likely necessitating redesigned Apple Pencil charging and other functional elements.

OLED Switch Enables Major Slimming

Untitled design 10 3

Most Apple experts agree the expansive thickness reductions likely come courtesy of upgraded OLED display technology replacing traditional LCD screens:

OLED Displays are Thinner by Design

While complex, layered LCD displays require a separate backlighting system, OLED pixels directly emit their own colored light. This enables slimmer overall components. The change may allow the next iPad Pros to rival iPhone thinness.

Other OLED Screen Benefits

  • Better contrast and true blacks
  • Vivid colors and wide viewing angles
  • Improved battery life efficiency

So users gain excellent visual quality upgrades plus longer use per charge.

Final Words

Lets see what new come , comment down if you like this new thin 2024 iPad Pro or not . This are some unofficial leaks so be ready for official leaks Stay with us for more tech related updates.

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