Android 15 Launched With Developer Preview Released

Android 15 Launched With Developer Preview Released

Android 15 :- Google has just released the developer preview for Android 15. For Android lovers, this first leak of the future version of android, what new features may coming ? Lets know about it . In this article we are going to know about the Android 15 update what things are coming new and what changes google made with this update .

Current State of Android 15

As a developer preview, Android 15 right now focuses on giving app creators early access to test changes and provide feedback. So the build is not intended for regular consumer installation yet. However, Android loyalists often still flash these early versions to peek at what’s coming.

If you do download and flash Android 15, keep in mind potential downsides. Some users have already reported bricked devices, so proceed with extreme caution. Also, while Android 14 supported Pixel phones back to the 4a, Android 15 officially only covers Pixel 6 and newer. Older Pixels like the 4a, 5, and 5a will not get this major OS update.

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High-Level Foundational Improvements

Behind the scenes, Android 15 brings some foundational upgrades laying groundwork for better experiences ahead. These include:

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Android 15 ships with an updated version of the Privacy Sandbox introduced in Android 13. For a refresher, this overhaul aims to improve mobile advertising by relying less on individual data collection. Instead, your device locally stores interests to share with ad companies at a broader level. The latest sandbox updates provide developers more tools to implement this privacy-focused ad model.

Default Screen Recording

You may remember new screen recording capabilities I’ve covered in past Android beta videos. Well now enhanced recording officially joins Android 15 as a default feature. Users can conveniently capture their device’s screen without any special apps required.

Camera and Algorithm Improvements

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In encouraging news for Android camera quality, Google announced expanded developer options for camera hardware and processing algorithms. Hopefully this finally solves the issue of worse Instagram and Snapchat photo quality on Android compared to iPhones!

Gaming and App Performance Boosts

Lastly, Android 15 introduces new APIs allowing games and graphic-intensive apps to tap directly into device power and thermal capabilities. Part includes a more efficient performance mode, dynamic CPU/GPU frequency adjustments, and thermal headroom thresholds. Together these should prevent performance throttling and translate into speedier, smoother Android gaming and app experiences.

Early User Experience Tweaks

Beyond the core upgrades mentioned above, Android enthusiasts can already enable a few UI changes visible at the user level even in this early build.

Notification Cooldown

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My personal favorite new addition is “notification cooldown.” Enabled by default in sound settings, this feature gradually lowers alert volume when you get bombarded with back-to-back notifications. Volume starts normal then progressively fades with each new alert. After about a minute with no new notifications, your phone returns to standard loudness again.

For now you can only toggle cooldown on for all notifications, conversations only, or off completely. I’d love to see customization for individual apps too. Getting temporarily quieter Slack or text alerts sounds great, but leave my personal emails loud!

Enhanced Haptics

Haptic feedback joins the quick settings brightness slider, with subtle vibration when adjusting to max brightness currently. It’s a small touch but I appreciate the added tactile interaction. Hopefully more UI elements adopt haptic feedback through the Android 15 update process.

Keyboard Vibration Toggling

Android 15 introduces a toggle to disable keyboard vibration if you want . Keyboard vibration sometime get irratating so users can turn of it, especially if already using phone vibration to confirm touch typing. So now you can easily switch keyboard physical feedback on or off.

HDR Ratio Visualization

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A new developer option called “Show HDR/SDR ratio” displays a dynamic ratio measurement when viewing HDR content full screen. This allows app creators to instantly validate if their apps show HDR imaging correctly. Regular users can also enable the option and watch the visualization change as you access high dynamic range photos or video.

Android 15 Visual Touches

You will notice small touches of Android 15 personality. This includes the “Vanilla Ice Cream” code name into the notification drawer background. Plus the Android logo now contains imagery likely inspired by a former NASA program called Aries. These fun Easter eggs let the earliest testers connect with and celebrate the newest Android 15.

What’s Next for Android 15?

The Android 15 rollout still has over half a year to go until general public availability. Google shared the following tentative preview schedule:

  • March: Next developer preview version
  • April to July: Public beta testing
  • October/Fall 2024: Stable launch aligned with new Pixel phones

If currently running Android 14 quarterly update #3, you can safely upgrade to the Android 15 developer preview without data wiping. Waiting too long risks your Android 14 build becoming “newer” than 15, thus requiring wipe to jump to the next major version when ready.

But in general, I suggest most wait for the public betas unless helping test for development purposes. Downloading now risks bugs and device instability without many compelling features to gain as reward. Patience shall reward us soon enough!

Final Words

The early new version of Android 15 does not have big changes yet. But it starts to build features that will make Android better later. I’m excited to see future updates improve privacy, health tools, the camera, games, battery life, and more. Google says they have “lots more” changes planned that we haven’t seen yet!

What do you think ? What do you hope Android 15 will add in the next 6 months? Tell me in the comments! For now, Thanks for reading! I’ll have more news as Google updates Android 15 checkout the site here .

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