Easy Way To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance In 2024

Easy Way To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance In 2024

If you are Walmart user and trying to check your Walmart Gift Card Balance , I’m giving you a easy and best way to check Walmart Gift Card Balance . Walmart gift cards are best way to shop for your favorite items at the retail shops/stores or any online platform. In this article we are telling you 3 simple best wats to check your Walmart Gift card Balance in 2024.

1. Check Walmart Gift Card Balance Online

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Want to see how much money is left on your Walmart gift card? Here is what you can do:

  1. Go to the Walmart website and find the place to check gift card balances.
  2. Type in the 16-digit gift card number long number on the back of your card. Also type in the 4-number password (PIN).
  3. Click the button that says “Check Balance.”
  4. Click “Submit.” Now you can see how much money you have left to spend!

2 . Check With Your Phone

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  1. Use your phone to call the Walmart customer service number, 1-888-537-5503.
  2. Listen carefully to all of the voice messages you hear.
  3. Press the numbers on your phone to pick the choice that says “check gift card balance.”
  4. Type in the long, 16-digit card number using your phone. Then wait.
  5. A Walmart worker will tell you the amount left on your card. Now you know your balance!

3.  Check With Walmart stores locator

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You can also go to a Walmart store to find out how much money is on your gift card. Here is what you do:

  1. Use the internet to find the  Walmart stores locator closest to your home. Type in the numbers of your address.
  2. Take your gift card to that Walmart store.
  3. Ask a Walmart worker nicely to check the balance on your card.
  4. That employee will tell you how much money you have left to spend!

Final Words

It’s important to know how much money is on your Walmart gift card before you going to shop. That way you can buy what you want! Checking your balance is easy. You can look at the amount online on Walmart’s website.

Knowing your gift card balance makes shopping at Walmart fun! Now you won’t be surprised at the register. You’ll know if you have enough money to buy things you like. Check more amazing stuff here.

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