Galaxy Book4 is Available For Pre-orders With This New 5 Features

Galaxy Book4 is Available For Pre-orders With This New 5 Features

Samsung’s Galaxy Book4 is now available for pre-order with new 5 features that can increase your productivity. In December , they give some hints about Galaxy Book4 Ultra .They mentioned it will have a powerful Nvidia graphics card and a massive 2TB storage drive. They also said it will come in two sizes, with a 14-inch screen option, and you can choose between different processors from Intel.

New Galaxy Book4 5 Features

This year, Samsung give us hint of this laptop might be able to connect and work together with other Galaxy devices, creating a whole ecosystem. While we don’t know everything yet, here are the top 5 features that we think make the Galaxy Book4 stand out from other laptops.

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1. Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem

Samsung Galaxy devices work together using this feature. You can connect other Galaxy gadgets to your Galaxy Book4 laptop. For example, you can turn your Galaxy S24 Ultra phone into a high-quality webcam for the laptop. This is a big deal because the laptop camera is not so good, while the S24 Ultra has a much better camera. Instead of a blurry picture, you can get “amazing clarity” with your Samsung phone camera.

You can also connect Galaxy tablet, like the latest Tab S models, to your laptop and use it as a second screen for multitasking. This is useful for getting more work done at one time.

2. Improved connectivity

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Samsung made this easy to connect and share things from your Galaxy Book4 laptop with other Samsung devices! as bellow :

  • Share files easily: You can easily send photos and files between your phone and laptop using “Multi Control.” It’s like copying and pasting, but between devices!
  • Move files from another computer:  “Quick Share” helps you to move files from one to another computer / device .
  • Stay connected to your phone: “Phone Link” can display your phone notifications, calls, and messages to your laptop screen.
  • Seamless audio switching:  The new “Buds Auto Switch” feature automatically switches the sound from your Galaxy Buds2 Pro to your phone so you can answer the call. 

3. AI tech

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The new Book4 Ultra has some new features using artificial intelligence (AI). AI means the computer uses its brain to think and learn and do some task. One feature is called Photo Remaster. It can take blurry old photos and make them look clear. The computer evens out dark and bright parts to see the picture better.

The Book4 Ultra also uses AI in the microphone to make voices sound very clear. And inside there is a special AI chip helping the Book4 Ultra think fast and run smoothly. So all the AI brain power helps fix up photos, cancels noise, and keeps the computer faster ! The Book4 Ultra is very smart by using artificial intelligence capabilities.

4. Room-filling speakers

Many laptop not so good in sound . The speakers sound flat and small. But Samsung put extra good speakers in the new Galaxy Book4 Ultra. There are 4 special speakers total – 2 tweeters and 2 woofers. Tweeters make the high sounds and woofers make the low sounds. Together they make the sound very clear.

5. Top display

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The Galaxy Book4 Ultra has the best screen ever seen on a laptop! The display is 16 inches measured diagonally, like from one corner to the other. The screen shows pictures super clear in 3K resolution .Watching movies and videos looks very smooth in the display .

Final Words

The laptop is thin and light so can easily carry around. You can read detailed Galaxy Book4 review here . So you can try this 5 features after getting Galaxy Book4. This AI features can increase your productivity and help you do work faster , also some sharing features is best you can share files documents from one device to another device easily without cable or anything extra 3rd party apps.

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