How to Save Picture as PDF on iPhone: Save in Just 30 Seconds

How to Save Picture as PDF on iPhone?
How to Save Picture as PDF on iPhone?

How to Save Picture as PDF on iPhone: The process of saving images as PDFs on an iPhone is very simple and can be done by anyone. Making a PDF document for work, school, or personal use can be executed with much ease using these simple tips.

How How to Save Picture as PDF on iPhone?

Step 1: Get your Photo

First of all, open your Photos app or any app that you might have there to view the photos on your iPhone. In the application, look at the images that you want to be turned into PDFs.

Step 2: Select Your Photos

Pick the images you want to put in your PDF. Achieve this by tapping on an icon or by choosing only a few photos.

Step 3: Presenting Your Photos

After choosing photos, either there will be a sharing icon in the top left corner located on the bottom left corner. Here sharing menus will be provided for user convenience.

Step 4: Select the Print Option

On your go forward after clicking on the sharing option you will notice that the print option is there. Click the button below.

Step 5: Customize Your PDF

In the print menu’s upper corner, there is a review of your selected photographs to print. Using the pinch gesture you can zoom to the first photo, so the whole picture will hide on full screen. Second, you can pinch the picture and you will find a menu.

Step 6: PDF Saved

Depending on the design of the website, the menu that becomes visible will bear the “Share” button as the norm in the top right corner. Scroll down and click on the Notes tab – the fourth one is shown in the image. To continue, click “Notes.”.

Step 7: Create a New Note

In the Notes app create a new note and give the name of your PDF document so that it is meaningful to you or others. If the title is ready, then you can duplicate it by tapping on “Save” to save the PDF in your notes app.

Step 8: Access the PDF file

To access the PDF you just created, check out the Notes app and open the note in which you saved it. Tap the PDF icon to open it up and view your images taken in PDF format.

Step 9: Share or Download Your PDF

In summary, you can send your PDF through the Notes app by tapping on the share button. Another way would be to save the file in the Files app or any directory you want.

Applying that, you will manage to create your photos from the iPhone to PDF soon. If you need to use photos for professional or trip reference or you want to share the memories with family and friends then creating a document can be done fast.

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