Is Windows 12 Releasing This Year or Not ?

Is Windows 12 Releasing this year or not ?

Microsoft recently said the next Windows will be called Windows 11 2024 Update, not Windows 12 like many people expected. This looks like Microsoft missed a chance to get more people excited about Windows again and show it’s the best desktop system with AI features. In this article we are going to know about the windows 12 and windows 11 upcoming updates.

Big Changes Coming in the 2024 Windows 11 Update

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The 2024 Update for Windows 11 won’t be called Windows 12. But it will still have big changes:

  • Lots of new AI features to help users, like an advanced assistant to support different tasks. Other AI abilities like better voice clarity and automatic super resolution are coming too.
  • It will stop supporting 32-bit Arm apps and make many optimizations to improve Windows on Arm devices.
  • New hardware and software updates to finally make Windows on Arm compete better with Apple’s Arm Macbooks. Top PC makers are releasing laptops with the new Snapdragon X Elite chip made specifically for Windows.

Why Microsoft Stuck with Windows 11 Branding

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Microsoft likely kept the Windows 11 name to prevent too many Windows versions for them to support long-term. Fewer versions is simpler for them.

Also, the 2024 update will be pushed to all Windows 11 users anyway, so most people will get the changes regardless of the name.

Why Windows 12 Branding Would Have Been Better

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However, using the Windows 12 name could have gotten way more public attention and excitement around this release. It signals something newer and better instead of just another update.

The timing is also perfect to show off advancements like the Snapdragon X Elite chip and challenge the super popular Arm Macbooks from Apple.

Why Windows Need Good Marketing

While the 2024 Update brings useful upgrades, Microsoft is criticized for not marketing it as the special update it is.

After Apple took over the spotlight with top Arm laptops, Microsoft really needs to showcase how Windows hardware and software has caught up now. The updates allow Windows to compete again on AI abilities and mobile use cases.

But by keeping the Windows 11 name, the changes risk being seen as just another boring update rather than a major upgrade for what Windows can do.

Final Words

Microsoft missed a chance to get more people attract about the 2024 Windows release by not using Windows 12 branding. The changes deserve way more attention.

While the arguments exist to avoid more Windows versions, Microsoft could still clearly communicate this is no regular update. It brings transformative AI abilities and Arm platform improvements to allow Windows laptops to finally compete with Apple’s popular Macbooks.

Without stronger branding and messaging, Windows will likely continue to be overlooked around advanced mobile computing. Microsoft must aggressively show that Windows deserves consideration again as the best system for artifically intelligent and power-efficient laptops.

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