League of Legends Patch 14.10 Update: All You Need to Know

The much-awaited revamp of Corki will be included in League of Legends LoL patch 14.10 (League of Legends patch notes), along with some significant changes to items and runes. Along with some new runes and equipment, the patch will also modify bruisers like Yasuo, Yone, Sett, and others. Some of the most significant updates for this gaming season will be included in LoL patch notes league (League of Legends patch notes).

 Everything you need to know about League of Legends Patch 14.10 can be found here.

When is the League of Legends Patch 14.10 going live?

On Wednesday, May 15, 2024, League of Legends Patch 14.10 has been launched. Regarding League of Legends server status (LoL server status) and prior to patching starting, players awaited several hours of disruption, since ranked match queues were removed approximately three hours in advance. Commons queries included – “league server status”, “is league down”, “riot server status”, “is league of legends down”, and so on. 

What is Expected In League of Legends Patch 14.10 Update?

It looks like the champion will firmly return to ADC (attack damage carrier) area with the Corki revamp, which is finally making its way to the rift. With improvements to his base HP and AD ratios all around, the package is leaving League. 

The removal of runes like Lethal Tempo and Predator will alter the builds for champions like Ashe who depend on them. In order to strengthen ADCs, particularly in the late game, a number of items are also being eliminated from the game and replaced with new ones. This patch will also bring small benefits to a few bruisers.

Highlights of LoL 14.10 Patch Notes

Highlights of LoL 14.10 Patch Notes

ADC Item System Rework

Design Lead Phreak admitted that since the start of Season 14, ADCs thought their items were less powerful than those of other classes. This, along with the general weakness of the ADC role, has caused the entire ADC item system to be completely redesigned in this forthcoming patch! 

Redesign of the Rune system

Major rune overhaul introduced in LoL 14.10 Patch Notes (League 14.10). Lethal Tempo and Predator are two of the runes that will be eliminated to make room for new ones. Specifically, the ADC system revamp coincides with the removal of Lethal Tempo. Now that Marksmen can’t rely on this rune alone to increase their Attack Speed, acquiring Attack Speed through item purchases becomes more crucial.

Changes to Every Arena in LoL Patch Notes

Changes to Every Arena in LoL Patch Notes

RNG Experience Shifts: Prismatic Anvils

The purpose of adding Prismatic Anvils to this version of League Patch Notes Arena was to add a degree of randomness to the game style so that each match would be different and exciting. But their adoption appears to have introduced an undue amount of randomness.

In the next patch, Riot will be adjusting the Anvils to provide players a better chance of winning. According to Phroxzon, the balancing team wants the perfect prismatic to be difficult to attain without pressuring players to go to AP Darius in the event that they fail.

Jhin Adjustments

With the release of Arena in league patch notes 14.9, Jhin has become one of the most talked-about champions. Riot intends to make some changes to him. His missile speed and spawn position will be changed in the next LoL Arena patch (league 14.10). In order to provide a more even playing field for the opposition teams, Riot will be reducing the speed of his missiles by 25% and changing the location of his spawn.

Duration Before Recovery

The next patch will change the player revival time, increasing it from 11-8 to 12-8 seconds. Riot made these changes because current statistics show that reviving a teammate is too simple.

List of Changes, Deletions, and Additions to the Game’s Inventory

List of Changes, Deletions, and Additions to the Game's Inventory

Arena God Games Required

In addition, Arena provides a range of unique Challenges that let you add a title to your League of Legends banner and profile. But apparently, the Arena God challenge was too hard to complete, so Riot changed the requirements to make it a more manageable objective.

Players will be able to acquire the title and display it on their profile if they complete 60 races in the first place. According to Phroxzon, just 160 players have finished first place more than 20 times thus far. They have chosen to lower the number of necessary first-place finishes from 168 to 60 in an effort to make the Challenge more accessible to players.

Ranked Reset For LoL Patch 14.10

Ranked Reset For LoL Patch 14.10

With the release of League of Legends Patch 14.10 (patch notes 14.10), the second-ranked split for Season 14 is scheduled to start. The ranked Arena split will start concurrently with this. In order to enhance matchmaking for new players, players with higher Elo levels can anticipate a gentle reset from their prior rank in other Arena modes.

There will also be a number of changes made to the balance of particular champions, augments, and items. In addition, Riot will give hats to teams in the latter half of the game because they are spending their resources more on juices and anvils than on hats. 

Riot intends to actively monitor the Koi Pond map and make minor adjustments, such as adding new locations for blast cones. They do not currently have any intentions to withdraw the map from the pool, though. The team still plans to collect information on it.

The main gameplay systems will also see significant modifications with this LoL Mid-season release.

Items Removed in Patch 14.10:

  • Anathema’s Chains
  • Corrupting Potion
  • Mobility Boots
  • Kircheis Shard
  • Stormrazor

Items With Changes in Patch 14.10:

  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Terminus
  • Kraken’s Slayer
  • Rapid Firecannon
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Statikk Shiv
  • Voltaic Cyclosword

New Items Introduced in Patch 14.10

New Items Introduced in Patch 14.10

Patch 14.10 of League of Legends brings new items. All the information you require about them and their particulars can be found here (patch notes 14.10).

Blackfire Torch 

Riot Games has identified a problem with the mage item system, namely that sustained damage dealers do not have a good mana item option. Blackfire Torch has been introduced to address this difficulty. Blackfire is a fantastic equipment that deals sustained damage to battlemages and control mages. Based on their unique needs, Riot Games recommends these items for both mage junglers and laners in terms of roles.

  • Build Path: 2800 Gold (lost chapter + fated ashes + 700 gold)
  • Capacity Strength: 90
  • Mana: 600
  • Haste: 25
  • Baleful Blaze: When an enemy is hit by an ability, they burn for 3 seconds, taking 20 + 2% AP magic damage every second. Gives monsters 20 bonus damage every second.
  • Blackfire: You gain 4% of your attack power for every enemy Champion, Epic Monster, and Large Monster that your Baleful Blaze affects.

Fated Ashes

League of Legends hopes to improve AP Junglers’ ability to remove jungle camps in the middle of the game with this new item. Additionally, they hope to provide AP champions with a new item option that is enjoyable to purchase and provides a variety of building options without being overly advantageous. Ideally, Riot Games should adjust certain AP junglers to improve their experience when using the Summoner’s Rift, in addition to adding this item to the game to aid AP junglers.

  • Build Path: Amplifying 500 Gold + Tome (total cost of 900 gold).
  • Ability Power:40
  • Inflame: When an enemy is hit by one of your abilities, they burn for 3 seconds, dealing 7 magic damage every second. Gives monsters 20 bonus damage every second.

New Fighter Items in LoL

New Fighter Items in LoL

Overlord’s Bloodmail

Those who prefer to build health-heavy fighter builds can add Overlord’s Bloodmail as a third item. For certain tanks, the item’s ability to convert health into damage will be amazing.

  • Build Path: 1000 Gold + Tunneler 
  • Total Gold Cost: 3300 Gold
  • Attack Damage: 40
  • Health: 500
  • Tyranny: Gain Attack Damage equal to 2% of your bonus Health.
  • Retribution: Depending on the percentage of your health that is missing, you can enhance your Attack Damage by up to 10% (maximum Retribution bonus while below 30% Health).

New Marksmen Items in LoL

New Marksmen Items in LoL

Scout’s Slingshot

As a new attack speed component to assist link some of the more recent item recipes that don’t rely on critical strike chance, Scout’s Slingshot is being added to League of Legends.

  • Build Path: 600 Gold + Dagger
  • Total Gold Cost: 900 Gold
  • Attack Speed: 20%
  • Passive: Damage to a champion in the passive deals 40 more magic damage. This cooldown is shortened by 1 second by attacks.

New Boots in LoL

New Boots in LoL

Symbiotic Soles

Boots of Mobility are meant to be replaced by symbiotic soles, which emphasize pace maintenance. This item will make it easier for you to flee from your attackers and return to the map more quickly. Before it offers its improved movement speed designed for roaming, though, it needs some time.

  • Total Gold Cost: 900 Gold
  • Move Speed: 35
  • You have the power to recall
  • Once 150,000 units have been traveled, upgrades to Synchronized Souls

Synchronized Souls

While Synchronized Souls and the boots above are quite similar, they move a little bit faster, especially while not in combat.

  • Move Speed: 45
  • You have the power to recall
  • Get 45 Move Speed when not engaged in combat.

That’s all there is to the new products’ information. 

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