MemryX Showcasing Brand New MX3 Accelerator at CES 2024

MemryX Showcasing Brand New MX3 Accelerator at CES 2024

The MX3 Accelerator AI chip wizards over at MemryX have been cooking up some sweet new AI acceleration tech in their MX3 hardware. At CES 2024, they plan to showcase a stack of demos displaying the boost in performance and efficiency when powering next-gen applications with their cutting-edge gear. From video analytics and smart cities to avatar conferencing and specialized language models, the range of use cases shows the versatility of the MX3 for making devices way more intelligent.

Whether you’re building robot drones, self-driving whips, safety platforms, metaverse spaces or other futuristic stuff dependent on advanced AI, seems MemryX wants to provide the go-to intelligent edge solution. The demos aim to give a glimpse into broad capabilities while still keeping that power-sipping edge device form factor. Def will be hype to see them flex some AI muscle in Vegas – maybe literally if they have any humanoid bots traipsing the showroom floor!

What Does MemryX Do?

MemryX is a new startup company focused on making chips that speed up artificial intelligence (AI) processing for devices like phones, self-driving cars, and robots. Their specialty is AI acceleration hardware.

MemryX Showcasing Brand New MX3 Accelerator at CES 2024
MemryX Showcasing Brand New MX3 Accelerator at CES 2024

What Makes the MX3 Accelerator Significant?

The MX3 AI accelerator can run hundreds of complex AI models without needing any modification. Many advanced AI applications will be able to use the chip.

Often, AI software needs its code changed to work on acceleration hardware. But the MX3 won’t require this programming work – making AI integration much easier.

The ability to run AI tasks rapidly while using less electricity gives the MX3 game-changing potential across areas like autonomous driving, medicine, robotics, and more.

Announcing Fast Production of the MX3 AI Chip

MemryX has just announced they now have completed production versions of their newest AI accelerator chip, called the MX3.

The MX3 chips were manufactured very quickly by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). In less than 30 days after getting the finished MX3 chips from TSMC, MemryX will be unveiling the chip publicly at the big CES 2024 technology show.

Showcasing the MX3 Chip at CES 2024

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this January 2023, MemryX plans to demonstrate hundreds of complex AI models running efficiently on the MX3 chip.

Key Details:

  • MemryX specializes in hardware to accelerate AI
  • Their new MX3 chip is an AI accelerator
  • MX3 chips just manufactured rapidly by TSMC
  • MemryX received finished units in under 30 days
  • Will showcase chips at CES 2024 tech show
  • Plan to demonstrate MX3 running many AI models

The fast production and capabilities of the MX3 chip could make it very impactful for accelerating AI across devices and platforms. We’ll find out more when MemryX shows off the hardware publicly at CES 2024 very soon.

AI Demos Powered by the MemryX

Exploring the Extensive AI Demos Powered by the MemryX MX3 Chip at CES 2024

MemryX has big plans to showcase a wide range of AI capabilities enabled by their new MX3 chip at the upcoming CES 2024 event. From video analytics to avatar conferencing and more, these live demos aim to highlight the performance and efficiency gains available through AI acceleration hardware.

Demo #1: AI-Enabled Video Management System

A key demonstration will feature a multi-stream video management system solution built for intelligent monitoring, surveillance, safety, and analysis use cases. The ability to ingest and process multiple video feeds in real-time while running advanced AI models on the MX3 chip delivers actionable insights not possible without AI acceleration.

The customized nature of the solution also emphasizes how MemryX technology can empower developers to tailor video AI to diverse environments – from retail to enterprise to cities and beyond.

Demo #2: AI Powered Personal Computer

MemryX will also showcase an AI-enhanced personal Windows computer prototype leveraging both CPU and GPU processing alongside their dedicated MX3 AI accelerator. Showing compelling performance in a common PC form factor helps demonstrate the versatility and value-add of the MX3 for tasks like AI content creation, recommendations, search, and more.

Demo #3: Threat/Weapon Detection for Public Spaces

Assisting with public safety, MemryX has partnered with Cachengo to build an intelligent edge platform for real-time threat detection. The ability to alert security personnel to weapons and other dangers quickly is crucial for venues like stadiums, campuses, and transportation hubs. MemryX acceleration allows running advanced weapons detection AI at very low latency across multiple video feeds simultaneously.

Demo #4: Avatar-Based Video Conferencing

Many remote collaboration apps could benefit from AI-powered avatars. MemryX will present real-time avatar conversation technology showing how their hardware enables smooth, life-like video chat avatars. Reducing compute overhead unlocks avatar applications for education, telehealth, virtual offices, and potentially even metaverse environments.

Demo #5: PPE Detection for Industrial Safety

When combined with Edge Impulse’s end-to-end machine learning platform, MemryX technology can accelerate industrial personal protective equipment (PPE) detection for safer facilities. By rapidly scanning for proper safety gear like hard hats, gloves and high visibility clothing, the solution aims to reduce workplace accidents and reinforce protocol compliance.

Demo #6: Aerial Informatics Simulation

The open-source AirSim tool simulates drones and vehicles in complex environments for research. By showing AirSim running advanced informatics far faster with the MX3, MemryX demonstrates the advantages of AI acceleration across next-gen transportation like aerial analysis, autonomous flight, and robotics.

Demo #7: Efficient Small-Scale Language Model

While large language models grab headlines, MemryX believes specialized smaller models can enable language AI across more applications. They will showcase an efficient sub-100M parameter generative language model powered by the MX3. Unlocking cost-effective language generation opens possibilities for personalization and contextual recommendation.

Demo #8: Smart City Traffic Management

Managing vehicular flow is crucial as urbanization increases globally. By partnering with Fracctal, MemryX will present MX3-accelerated AI to optimize city traffic based on real-time feeds from cameras and other sensors. This “Intelligent Edge” application shows the scalability to handle many endpoints simultaneously.

Invitation to Meet MemryX at CES 2024

If your organization builds AI solutions and wants to learn more about leveraging MemryX hardware and ecosystem support, you can meet the MemryX leadership team at CES 2024. Email or visit MemryX’s CES hospitality suite at the Palazzo Hotel.


As a fabless semiconductor firm specializing in efficient edge AI for devices, MemryX aims to power emerging AI use cases across sectors through hardware and software co-design. Backed by industry leaders, MemryX solutions like the MX3 combine high throughput, accuracy and low latency. By enabling and accelerating complex AI to run affordably at endpoints, MemryX hopes to drive transformative applications.

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