Microsoft OneDrive Magic Eraser: Might Soon Let You Erase Unwanted Objects from Photos

Onedrive magic eraser 2
OneDrive Magic Eraser

OneDrive Magic Eraser will be the same as the Magic Eraser AI tool like Google.

Every tech-related and even nontech company is trying to incorporate AI into its product. Many companies have tried to incorporate AI, but there are very few companies that succeed. AI is a very powerful tool, it can make your sales 2x or uniquely sell your product. You can do anything with AI. But, if we talk about the most used AI feature then that is the magic eraser by google.

Many mobile companies have tried this like Google to incorporate AI with pictures. To date now, only Google is a successful company that has an AI feature called a Magic Eraser. But, Microsoft is also trying to come into this AI magic eraser world.

OneDrive is an AI tool that will soon be seen as a second magic eraser that will remove unwanted things from pictures. It will be exciting to see how Microsoft will incorporate with AI to build a magic eraser.

mircrosoft onw drive magic eraser
OneDrive Magic Eraser

So, if you are new, and don’t know about magic erasers, then here is the info. Magic Eraser is an AI tool that was designed by Google to remove unwanted stuff from pictures. This AI tool is a very helpful and useful tool by Google.

Let me give you an example: If you’re in a public spot, You ask your friend to click your picture, and then he clicks the pic for you. After clicking, go to the picture, and in that picture, there is an unwanted thing that you don’t like, you just go to Google Magic eraser which is only available in Google’s latest pixels devices and in Samsung Galaxy S24 ultra. Just circle the thing, and boom the unwanted thing will be removed within seconds.

Many tech experts have tested the beta version of OneDrive but it only does the older things that is cropping, leveling, exposure, adjusting values for brightness, and contrast, more, applying various filters. But, the magic eraser tool is not working properly.

VS 1
OneDrive Magic Eraser

In the new OneDrove v7.1 beta 1 on Android, you can get the clue that Microsoft is working on their new tool “Magic Eraser”

Microsoft also mentioned that in the developing stage of the Onedrive, it may not perform or you may not get the desired results that you want in your picture. But let’s hope in the future that the Onedrive magic eraser will perform well, and be the rival of google.

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