Nubia Z60 Ultra Review: Under 650 Bucks?

Nubia Z60 Ultra Review
Nubia Z60 Ultra Review

Nubia Z60 Ultra Review: Nubia mainly builds their phone focusing on gamers, this time Nubia has launched their new gaming allrounder beast, Nubia Z60 Ultra. This beast boy has the snapdragon latest-gen processor with an excellent camera setup as well. So, if you’re thinking of buying, or just want a phone for gaming then you must get this phone, before you the phone, let’s first talk about its pros and cons, so, in this article, I’ll share the Nubia Z60 Ultra Review, specs, and some pros and cons.

Here is the Nubia Z60 Ultra Review and Specs

Nubia Z60 Ultra Display

The Nubia Z60 Ultra’s display initially seems very mesmerizing from the front side with minimum bezels covering the area leaving more room for a bigger screen and making it appear even more attractive at first. Nevertheless, the fingerprint under-display scanner technology sets it apart as it is already in its 5th generation, making the selfie camera hidden underneath the screen. This tech has indeed come of age, and now it provides the almost unnoticeable camera that tries to mimic a part of the screen, in sharp contrast to the early attempts.

Nubia Z60 Ultra Design

An overturn of the device showcases a design that may not have conventional aesthetics but the distinct element of uniqueness is highly recommendable. In contrast to mainstream smartphones, such as the Nubia Z60, the Nubia Z60 Ultra has sharp contours and unique design that make it exceptional. The stand-out camera bulge further dictates its unique style and the matt finish on the back besides resisting fingerprints also brings in a little class.

Nubia Z60 Ultra Review
Nubia Z60 Ultra Review

Nubia Z60 Ultra Performance

On the other hand, with its Snapdragon 888 chipset powered and 12GB of RAM backing, the Z60 Ultra from Nubia offers a beast performance. This smartphone is a great choice for you irrespective of whether you prefer being active in completing day-to-day tasks or gaming. This 6,000mAh battery not only extends the duration of your trips but also provides peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about recharging frequently, making it an ideal partner for all of your daily activities.

Nubia Z60 Ultra Software

Being powered by Android 14 and using MyOS 14 overlay, the Nubia Z60 Ultra offers an outstanding user experience on the software side. It might look less sleek than the stock Android, but makes the interface clean and also bloatware-free. On the other hand, the issues with the software experience may not be delightful for some users, whereas now and then some apps become quite unresponsive.

Nubia Z60 Ultra Camera

Nubia Z60 Ultra is the new phone to come with a 50-megapixel IMX800 sensor that takes stunning camera shooting. The big camera lens with wide-angle and telephoto lenses ensures you can shoot thrilling photos in various environments. The camera app certainly looks to have many modes and settings which could be overwhelming to someone just getting into photography. Still, these give users great flexibility in adjusting several parameters to achieve different effects.

So, if you want a gaming phone under 650 bucks then must go for the Z60, but, if you want a camera phone or your main preference is a camera then must take one plus 11 series.

In Short: Nubia Z60 Ultra Review

FeatureNubia Z60 Ultra
Display6.8-inch AMOLED display with 144Hz refresh rate
DesignUnique design with sharp contours and a matte finish
PerformanceSnapdragon 888 chipset with 12GB of RAM
SoftwareAndroid 14 with MyOS 14 overlay
Camera50MP IMX800 sensor with wide-angle and telephoto lenses
Nubia Z60 Ultra Review Video

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