Samsung Galaxy A55 5G Review & Specs (2024)

Samsung Galaxy A55 5G Review
Samsung Galaxy A55 5G Review

Samsung Galaxy A55 5G Review: If you’re looking for a budget flagship device that comes with a good camera and displays then the A55 5G is for you, the device comes with a big display with a bunch of features. So, if you’re getting the device then must know its specs, so in this article, I’ll share the Samsung Galaxy A55 5G review with its specs. So let’s begin!

Here is the Samsung Galaxy A55 5G Review & Specs

Galaxy A55 5G Unboxing

Unlike most smartphones, when you open the box that contains the new Galaxy A55 5G, you won’t find any additional accessories. Samsung is also reading the items in mid-range devices as well. With the phone, you’ll get a quick start guide, a USB Type-C to Type-C cable, and a little SIM ejector pin. Surprisingly, there are no extras like a power adapter or a shell case available.

Galaxy A55 5G Design

On a quick look, it looks pretty much similar to Galaxy A54 from the back. The only difference is that you can judge the A55 from its larger screen size of 6.6 inches and thinner bezels. The device comes with a metal frame, that gives an impression of a premium feel to it while some may consider it as something similar to certain iPhone models because of the flat edges. Larger in size but very lightweight for its size, the device weighs a bit more than before.

Galaxy A55 5G Color & Durability

Samsung offers four vibrant color options for the Galaxy A55 5G: Amazing Navy, Amazing Lemon, Amazing Lilac, and Amazing Ice Blue. Besides being the definition of “awesome” for everybody, the Ice Blue version stands out with its sleek surface and understated color. Moreover, the device is rated IP67 which means resistance to dust and water and will give users the confidence and security to use it even in undesirable circumstances.

Galaxy A55 5G Display

Samsung Galaxy A55 5G Review
Samsung Galaxy A55 5G Review

Galaxy A55 comes with a beautiful and big 6.6-inch 120Hz fast refresh rate Super AMOLED display, if you want a device for multimedia then this device will not disappoint you. With a wide color gamut, ultra-sharp picture, and support for HDR10, the watching experience is outstanding. On the other hand, despite the absence of Dolby Vision, some users may be disappointed,

Galaxy A55 5G Performance

The Galaxy A55 5G is powered by Samsung’s Exynos 1480 chipset, and 8GB RAM. If flagship gadgets are to be used as a benchmark then it lags behind slightly in raw power but by performing all everyday tasks and casual gaming it performs quite well. Android 14 operating system (one user interface 6.1) is supplied as installed which has a long user experience with a bunch of customization options and features on this device.

Galaxy A55 5G Camera

Samsung Galaxy A55 5G Review
Samsung Galaxy A55 5G Review

The rear camera of Galaxy A55 5G is a 50-megapixel main camera and a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, which is perfect for different lighting conditions. A contrasting mood is a daytime shot to a low-light image as well. The result proves the device to be a versatile shooter. On one hand, the missing optical image stabilization causes the image to occasionally be blurred, on the other hand, the software stabilization which is built-in will help minimize this effect to a certain level.

Galaxy A55 5G Battery

Even though the A series always comes with good battery backup, the battery capacity remains at the level of A55 (5,000 mAh) the year before. Although, this will be more than enough for a day of light picture taking or browsing through the internet, heavier tasks like gaming that require more time or using the camera continuously may drain the battery more. With that, it has 25W of charging speed which is decent speed, not including the adapter which doesn’t come with the box.


The Samsung Galaxy A55 5G has a variety of features that will appeal to a user who needs a mid-level smartphone. With its trendy design, good camera, and decent gaming performance, it is ahead of many other similar models. It might not have the flagship specs like the latest devices but it levels up with its practicality and at such a low price.

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