Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: Prices, Features, Release Date, Rumors [Everything We Know So Far]

There are signs that Samsung, a South Korean phone manufacturer, is planning to launch their latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 7.

Three models—the Samsung Watch 7, Watch 7 Pro, and Watch 7 Classic—are anticipated to be available when the next Galaxy Watch launches. Aside from some new health and AI features, rumors also state that the watch may come with the upcoming Exynos W940 chip. 

We’ve been investigating these rumors and gathering relevant information in the process. This is what we have discovered so far.

Key Notes

  • It is anticipated that Samsung will introduce the Galaxy Watch 7 during the Unpacked event on July 10, 2024.
  • According to rumors, the watch will come equipped with new AI-based health capabilities and the Exynos W940 chip.
  • Three versions are anticipated: Watch 7, Watch 7 Pro, and Watch 7 Classic.
  • A non-invasive blood glucose meter and continuous cardiac monitoring could be features of the Galaxy Watch 7.
  • A possible square-shaped variant, longer battery life, 50% faster wireless charging, and more storage are all hinted at by design leaks.

What Is The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7?

What Is The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7?

If the rumors about the Galaxy Watch 7 are true, it will be the latest wristwatch that Samsung offers and a high-tech addition to their wearable collections.

The ‘Watch 7’, a Classic, and a Pro are the three smartwatches that Samsung is currently planning to release, according to a South Korean leaker on X who goes by the handle Kro. Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed that it will be releasing a new wristwatch model yet.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Released Date

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Released Date

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Release Date Estimated: August 2024

Samsung’s release schedule for smartwatches has been fairly predictable since the company’s first smartwatch launched in August 2021.

  • Announced on August 11, 2021, and released on August 27, 2021: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series.
  • Announced on August 10, 2022, and released on August 26, 2022: Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series.
  • Announced on July 26, 2023, and released on August 11, 2023: Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series.

In recent years, Samsung has chosen to launch Galaxy Foldables at their annual Unpacked events in addition to Galaxy smartwatches. Recent rumors state that Samsung intends to hold its summer Unpacked event prior to the July start of the Summer Olympics in Paris.

Samsung, a significant sponsor of the Games, may wish to use this opportunity to promote their newest products during the Olympics. Given that the Olympics begin on July 26 this year and that Samsung often holds its events on Wednesdays, the release of the Galaxy Foldables is expected to occur on July 10. In turn, it’s possible that on this day Samsung will unveil the Samsung Watch 7 series, which will go on sale in August.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra Coming?

Though the company has not made an official statement regarding the possible release of the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra, hints from their first-quarter 2024 financial report suggest that Samsung plans on introducing new ‘luxury’ models for its upcoming smartwatch lineup.

This is presumably the Samsung Watch 7 Ultra variant, which will be available in addition to the Samsung Watch 7, which is anticipated to be released later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Specifications: New Chipset, More Storage, Larger Battery Capacity

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Specifications: New Chipset, More Storage, Larger Battery Capacity

An upgrade in hardware is the most significant change we should anticipate with the Samsung Watch 7.

Various X leakers have claimed that Samsung is replacing the Exynos W930 processor included in the Galaxy Watch 6 to a newer model, which will be included in its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 7.

The Galaxy Watch 7 CPU will be built around the Exynos W940 chip, which has the internal designation Exynos 5535, according to well-known Samsung leaker Roland Quandt on X.

The Exynos W940 chipset, which will power the Samsung Watch 7, was leaked separately and published on X in March. It is expected to be 30% faster and 50% more efficient than chipsets found in previous models. According to recent leaks and FCC filings, wireless charging speeds are expected to rise by 50% as well.

Additionally, there are strong rumors that Samsung will increase the Galaxy Watch 7’s battery life and storage capacity by double. Even though nothing is official yet, we’re hoping for great final specifications.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Design?

As of right now, neither Samsung’s official confirmation nor any leaked renders that suggest a possible design for the Galaxy Watch 7 are available to us.

From our perspective, it is possible some Galaxy Watch 7 models (likely the base model) may retain the design elements of the Galaxy Watch 6, which has also mostly carried over the design of its predecessor. Furthermore, since customers love the rotating bezel on the Galaxy Watch 7 and we assume Samsung would want to remove it once more, the middle Galaxy Watch 7 variant could look like the successor to the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

Comparing The Samsung Watch 6 With Watch 7

Comparing The Samsung Watch 6 With Watch 7

We’ve covered all of the most recent leaks and rumors regarding the Galaxy Watch 7. How it might compare with its predecessor (Galaxy Watch 6) is summarized in the table below:

FeaturesGalaxy Watch 6Galaxy Watch 7
Battery life300 mAh, 425 mAh578mAh (almost 50% higher)
Storage16 GB32 GB
ChipsetExynos W930 (5 nm)Exynos W940 (3 nm)
Wear OSWear OS 4Wear OS 5
Watch faceRounded watch faceSquare shape screen
Health featuresElectrocardiogram data (manual process)AI features like continuous monitoring for heart conditions

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Price

Price leaks for the Galaxy Watch 7 series are not yet available. On the basis of the Galaxy Watch 6 series, which was the predecessor, we can, however, make some reasonable conclusions.

How Much Will The Galaxy Watch 7 Cost?

How Much Will The Galaxy Watch 7 Cost?
Galaxy Watch 6, 40mm4G: $349.99Wi-Fi-only: $299.99
Galaxy Watch 6, 44mm4G: $379.99Wi-Fi-only: $329.99
Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, 43mm4G: $449.99Wi-Fi-only: $399.99
Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, 47mm4G: $479.99Wi-Fi-only: $429.99

Cost of the Galaxy Watch 7

Expected Price: Starting at $299.99

We are not expecting that the price of the Samsung Watch 7 will change. We can expect that the Galaxy Watch 7 40mm (Wi-Fi only) will start at $299.99, while the Classic 4mm (4G) would cost up to $479.99 if Samsung sticks with the same sizes as the Galaxy Watch 6.

But if the Galaxy Watch 7 differs significantly from its predecessor, we can expect a slightly higher cost for all of the models.

Will The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Be Released Soon Enough?

Will The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Be Released Soon Enough?

In today’s smartwatch market, the Galaxy Watch 6 continues to be an excellent choice. But if you’re patient enough, it might be worth waiting a few months for the Galaxy Watch 7, which could bring about some big improvements. Furthermore, even if you determine the Watch 6 is the right model for you, the launch of the Watch 7 will probably result in tempting price drops on the previous model.

Wishlist For Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

We hope to see Samsung take some bold steps with the next Galaxy Watch in 2024, even though it will still be more than a month before the arrival of updated watch hardware. Let’s begin, as there are many items on our wishlist for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7.

  •  Average multi-day battery life
  • Improved senses
  • Greater capacity for storage
  • Better functionality for phones other than Samsung
  • Fresh colors (for the Pro model only)
  • Other (please share in the comments section)

The Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 rumor has gained a lot of momentum in recent months. Although Samsung hasn’t officially announced that it would be adding this smartwatch to its lineup of wearables, rumors indicate that the company is currently working on the design and plans to unveil it at this summer’s Unpacked event alongside their Galaxy Z Foldables.

The Galaxy Watch 7 is expected to be an amazing wristwatch that all Samsung lovers will be thrilled to have in their possession, especially if the rumored features—which include AI integration in the Samsung Health app, an updated chipset, and better battery life and storage capacities—are all included.

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